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01. LibreOffice – Writer by TheFrugalComputerGuy. You will find here a series of tutorials for Libre Office Writer starting from the very basic and moving into some more advanced topics as the numbers get bigger.

02. LibreOffice Draw by TheFrugalComputerGuy.Learn to draw with this open source programme.

03. LibreOffice Impress. Presentation Programme well explained by TheFrugalComputerGuy.


01. GIMP – Image Editing Programme for free

02. Another series of Tutorials for GIMP


01. Inkscape – Vector Graphic Editor for free

02. Another tutorial for Inkscape

Coming more:




and more…

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Whatsapp Policy Changes @2016: Steps to do after accepting the policy

According to the new Whatsapp policy your WhatsApp and Facebook
profiles will be connected. The reason whatsapp gives is, they want to
“coordinate more and improve experiences”…
That means Your phone number will be shared with Facebook „to fight spam, abuse and copyright infringement, as well as for security“,
but it won’t be made public on the social network.
The content of your messages also won’t be shared because they’ll continue to be encrypted.
(We believe it only for the time, because, Whatsapp has proven that they won‘t keep their promise.)

Anyway, if you’ve already hit „Agree“ the policy, you can
(I would say you must) do the following:

– go to Settings > Account >and untick ‘Share my Account Info’.

Do it as soon as possible.

It may help you to prohibit the sharing of some of your datas.

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Openshot – Free Video Editor

openshotOpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source video editor for Linux. OpenShot can take your videos, photos, and music files and help you create the film you have always dreamed of. Easily add sub-titles, transitions, and effects, and then export your film to DVD, YouTube, Vimeo, Xbox 360, and many other common formats.

OpenShot is available for Linux, OS X, and Windows. Check out the download page for more details.

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Kdenlive – free video editor for Linux

kdenliveKdenlive is an acronym for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor and it is Free Software. It is primarily aimed at the GNU/Linux platform but also works on BSD and MacOS. It is currently being ported to Windows as a GSOC project.

Non-linear video editing is much more powerful than beginners’ (linear) editors, hence it requires a bit more organization before starting.

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